Rump sessions added to the program

The International Workshop on Computational Electrochemistry is just two weeks away. In addition to our very interesting “regular” program (tutorials, talks and posters), we would like to announce 4 exciting rump sessions, which will take place on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th. Two sessions per day will run in parallel at the same time in separate rooms. We expect our participants to choose the sessions which are most interesting to them and to actively engage in the sessions. The rump session chairs have prepared a description of their rump session, which is now available on the workshop’s website (see below). We encourage all the participants to check these materials in advance and invite them to contact the rump session chairs ahead of the workshop if they have any questions.

Check the rump sessions:

Beyond the computational hydrogen electrode? (chaired by Marko Melander)

How do we (technically) include vibration/entropic, solvation and pH effects? (chaired by Jan Kloppenburg)

How to Model the Oxygen Evolution at the Solid-liquid Interface? (chaired by Xueqing Zhang)

Quantum corrosion – tight-binding with open boundaries (chaired by Jarvist Moore Frost)

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Finland in two weeks’ time.

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