Poster session

The poster session will take place primarily on Monday evening after the tutorials. The session will start with 2-minute slide introductions by all the poster presenters and will continue with stand-up presentations in a hall next to the workshop main room. The posters will remain up for the duration of the workshop, to facilitate scientific discussions.

Poster presenters that wish to take advantage of the 2-minute pitch session, must send a PDF document with their slides to as soon as possible, and not later than the Sunday before the workshop starts (Sunday 8th of July).

There will be a best poster prize, sponsored by the Aalto Health Platform with 500 EUR[*]. The prize winner will be announced during the workshop dinner on Wednesday evening and a diploma will be handed over to the winner.

The list of posters that will be presented is:

  1. Caitlin Casey-Stevens: Rational design of a CuPd nanoparticle catalyst for electrochemical NO3 reduction using computational techniques (abstract)
  2. Fabrizio Creazzo: Electrolysis & water splitting at Co3O4/aqueous solution interfaces:
    DFT-MD simulation, electric field & metadynamics
  3. Alexandra Dávila: DFT study for halide covered Ag(100) and Au(100) surfaces in an electrochemical environment (abstract)
  4. Yuval Elbaz: An ab-initio study of hydrogen atom catalysis and diffusion in nickel oxy/hydroxide (abstract)
  5. Donato Fantauzzi: Pt(111) surface oxidation – from surface science to electrochemical surface science – a
    theoretical multiscale approach
  6. Jarvist Moore Frost: Molecular dynamics with electron open-boundaries (abstract)
  7. Patrick Gono: Surface hole polarons in the oxygen evolution reaction on rutile titanium dioxide (abstract)
  8. Rina Ibragimova: Theoretical study of Ti2C MXenes functionalization process (abstract)
  9. Georg Kastlunger: Probing the potential and pH dependence of HER kinetics from first principles via intrinsic reaction barriers (abstract)
  10. Rasmus Kronberg: Ab initio molecular dynamics simulation of the platinum/water interface: Further insights into structure and electrocatalysis (abstract)
  11. Chang Liu: The influence of subsurface oxygen on CO adsorption: A theoretical investigation (abstract)
  12. Tiziana Musso: Investigation of the adsorption of phosphonic acid on the rutile TiO2(110) surface for water splitting Applications (abstract)
  13. Lauri Partanen: Kinetic barriers and reaction energetics of oxygen evolution reaction on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes (abstract)
  14. Charlie Ruffman: Hydrogen production using 2D MoS2 electrocatalysts: The effect of applied potential and catalyst support (abstract)
  15. Katrine Svane: Effect of anion adsorption on the activity of M-N4 catalysts (abstract)
  16. Maxime Van den Bossche: CER over Cu – formate production and clathrate hydrate effects (abstract)
  17. Igor Zozoulenko: Oxygen reduction reaction in p- and n-doped conducting polymers: experiment and theory (abstract)

[*]If the winner is an Aalto employee, this prize is considered taxable salary income.