Rump sessions

Rump sessions are informal sessions where participants discuss about recent advances on a focused area of computational electrochemistry. The discussions could be built around a specific concept (e.g.,  meaning of the “absolute” electrochemical scale) or methodological questions (e.g., how to model charge transfer within DFT). The objective of these sessions is to probe the views of the community on the most important problems in computational electrochemistry, and to build a consensus, whenever possible.

Participants are invited to submit a proposal (limited to 1 page) to lead one of these sessions. As a rump session chair, you would be in charge of choosing a topic (have a look at this list for some possible options, but feel free to propose other topics). During the session itself, you will introduce the subject/problem at hand (e.g., with a short slide presentation) and direct the participants by inviting them to present their own results and/or ideas (e.g., as very short slide presentations). Each rump session chair will be provided with a whiteboard/markers and a projector. Refreshments and snacks will be provided to contribute to a laid-back and informal atmosphere.

The workshop organizers will help chairs by providing them with a list of participants so that they can contact prospective attendants interested in their rump session ahead of the workshop. All the participants will also be contacted ahead to advertise the rump session topics so that they can prepare to contribute to the discussions that they are interested in.